What Do You Need from Your Digital Marketing?

1.      Drive Potential Clients to your Website and Social Media Platforms

2.      Turn Your Visitors into Customers

Optimized uses the latest technology with an experienced, multi-skilled team to deliver the results that you need to succeed online.

We work on new ideas to accelerate the growth of your business, and rise above the competition, by combining effective marketing strategies and amazing designs.

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How Can We Benefit Your Company?

SEO service Bulgaria
Attract More Organic Traffic

Doing SEO for a website is something that you simply can’t avoid if you want to have any chance of success for your business. Hire an SEO Agency Bulgaria that gets the top rankings

онлайн реклама
Results Based PPC Marketing

Contact Us Today for a Free PPC Account Audit and discover how online advertising can benefit you today! PPC Marketing Campaign Strategies designed to your specific business aims.

Social Media Marketing Bulgaria
Better Social Media Engagement

Most brands understand how important it is to be on social media. However, many underestimate the value of engagement. Resonate better with your customers

Website Personalisation Bulgaria
Website Designs That Convert

Need a website design company that REALLY understands conversion? Our clients see a large increase in quality leads, sales, and opt-ins with personalised content.

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Target Your Buyer With Quality Content

Creating quality content is the most effective way to market a business Our in-house team produces graphics, written copy, video and downloadable assets.

Website Personalisation Bulgaria
Personalise Visitor Website Content

Display the content your visitors wish to see depending on past behaviour or their location, device or web browser and sell more products and services

Convert Visitors to Customers
Convert Your Visitors Into Customers

We will analyse your website design, content and speed to determine why your website visitors are not becoming customers.

Outsource Sales and Marketing Bulgaria
Outsource Your Sales & Marketing

Business speak Bulgarian in Bulgaria. If you are setting up a new operation in Bulgaria let us communicate with your prospective clients to build your business

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Online Marketing Agency Bulgaria

If you are looking for an experienced online marketing agency in Bulgaria, who for many years have been listening to the their clients and creating innovative solutions to achieve online success then contact Optimized.

We are a full service Digital Marketing Agency in Sofia Bulgaria that wants clients who are in for the long-haul.  We also have offices in the UK and in Latin America.

Our clients will understand that there are no overnight miracles to get to the top of the search engine results, and a variety of digital marketing tactics, including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads,  copy writing and conversion rate optimization (CRO), will have to be carried out in the short, medium and long-term to get the results that you desire. Optimized are SEO Agency Bulgaria that uses the latest marketing and ideas to take your business to the top of the Google Rankings in Bulgaria.

We also offer quality web design services for both B2Cand B2B companies. Our  website designs are as good, if not better, than our competitors but we realise that, in most cases, if the website does not appear at the top of Google for the desired search terms, that the website is next to useless.

We obtain consistent results, and we are fed up hearing about agencies who charge for doing almost nothing just because the client does not understand how digital marketing works in Bulgaria or anywhere else for that matter.

The first thing that we do is to sit down with the client and look at the online world from their customers’ perspective. We explain to them how Google works and where and how they can expect the best results for their business.

We show them what their competition is doing and what must be done to get above them on the search engines such as Google and Bing.

This could well mean a mix of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing). We explain what terms like Google Ads and PPC  (Pay Per Click) actually mean.

We provide the following online marketing services in  Bulgaria:

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Advertising
  • Photo and Video Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Corporate Image and Publicity
  • Translations
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Content Creation


Our SEO and Google Ads Guarantee or Refund Policy

We explain to our clients what our Guarantee or Refund policy means and why we can afford to offer it. We only want long -term  clients who understand that getting to the top of Google can only work if as a partnership.

Our seo optimization Bulgaria service recognises that you want to see results. However, with SEO it is impossible to see overnight results so we break our  SEO guarantee down ito two parts

  • Improved results after 3 months
  • Full results after 6 months

The objectives will be clearly set before the project starts.

With Google Ads Management Bulgaria you will expect to see results during the first month in terms of higher click through rate and better avergage positioning of your keywords. But it will take around 3 months to really fine tune your campaign from keywords, to ads and the landing pages.

Website SEO Bulgaria Experts

New websites with new domain names are extremely hard to rank on Google. There is a rumour that Google will put you into quarantine for 6 months while they check you about but, in our experience, this is not the case as we have achieved results in less than 6 months many time.

Your new website will be able to occupy the top search positions as soon as it starts demonstrating proper trust and quality signals. At Optimized, we have a series of steps that we use to get new websites ranking on Google quickly.

If you have an existing website that is ranking poorly then we will work with you to provide you with a solution problem, whether this will be fixing your existing site or being straight up and informing you that it is better to start again using a content management system such as WordPress.

Social Media Agency Bulgaria

Does your business leverage the social media networks?

Social media marketing (SMM) is continually changing, becoming a powerful online marketing resource for businesses.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram can vastly increase exposure and interest in your company.

We provide full social media marketing services in Bulgaria across a wide range of platforms to increase your exposure to your target market.

Do not work with just any digital marketing agency in Sofia Bulgaria – work with a agency you can trust who will deliver the promised results.

There is much more to social media than the top social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) and media sharing networks (Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat) and Pinterest.

You need to look beyond those social media giants, and you will see that people are using many different types of social media to connect online for all kinds of reasons.

And while there was once a time when you could simply categorise networks according to their functional capabilities (Twitter for short text content, YouTube for video, and so on), that time has passed. As more networks add rich features like livestreaming and augmented reality, the lines between their feature sets continue to blur and change faster than most people have time to read up on the changes.