All The Different SEO Services That You May Need

SEO Services in Bulgaria

There are several types of SEO Services in Bulgaria, and different SEO activities will need to be performed depending on the state of your website..

SEO Audit

If you have an existing website, the first SEO activity we will perform is be to check the current SEO configuration, note down the issues and come up with a SEO plan of action. Typical activities incorporated into a SEO Audit are:
  • Technical SEO Analysis – this will include items such as sitemaps, robots.txt, web server analysis, image optimization, mobile friendliness, Google Analytics setup, website usability
  • On-Page SEO Analysis – this will include analysis of the number of key phrases optimized and Meta tags (title & description) used
  • SEO Content Analysis – we will investigate the quality of your cornerstone content in terms of depth, links, use of synonyms, images and duplicate content
  • Off-Page SEO Analysis – this will analyze Google My Business. local search optimization and inbound links
  • Competitor Analysis – we will analyse competitors’ search rankings and keywords
  • Keyword Research Analysis – we will identify your main keywords and document where they are appearing in the search results
  • Penalty Identification – we will document any google penalties that you are incurring

SEO Correction

Only after we have the results of the SEO Audit can we start to fix the problems. This activity can include:
  • Correction of existing Meta tags (title & description)
  • Setting up of robots.txt and GoogleBot crawls
  • Creation and integration of sitemaps into Google and Bing
  • Google My Business optimisation or creation
  • Mobile site optimization
  • Set up Google Analytics
  • Local search optimisation
  • Image optimization
  • Custom 404 error page setup
  • Schema HTML tags
  • Initial link disavow
  • Internal linking restructuring and optimisation
  • Link reclamation
Note that all new websites that we deliver come with all these features.

Create or Improve Cornerstone Content

The SEO Audit will determine the quality of the content of your website. The SEO cornerstone content are the main pages of the website that describe the main services or product types that you offer. Google has a set of rules regarding on-page SEO that must be followed for your page to rank well.  A WordPress plugin, such as Yoast, will help you identify the issues within each page. The key concept is to identify a focus keyword for each page, and research synonyms for the keyword. A tool like LSIGraph can help enormously in the process of identifying synonyms. Based on the focus keyword and its synonyms Yoast can help you build a Google friendly page. Some of the key items are:
  • Focus keyword length: This should be typically be about 4 or 5 words and should have not have been used before
  • SEO title width: The SEO title should include about 60 characters and should include the focus keyword
  • Meta description length: The meta description is normally shown in the search results. Write a compelling description of about 160 characters including the focus keyword
  • Text length: The recommended minimum is 300 words but the more the better
  • Keyword density: The focus keyword should appear in the main text body a couple of time
  • Include key phrase in sub headers: At least once
  • Images: The image filename and Alt Text should be the same as the focus keyword

Monthly SEO

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is an ongoing process and cannot just be left alone. You need to find out from your prospective SEO agency in Bulgaria exactly what they are going to do for you each month. These are the items that are vital for SEO on a monthly basis.

Create New Website Content

The ideal scenario is to add at least one new page of content every week. This could be a new product or service, case study, event or blog article: Also be sure to promote the content on the social media. This content should have at least 500 words, contain graphics and make use of the correct headers

Refresh Your Existing Content

You may have lots of existing content on your website that needs updating from time to time. This could be for new prices or details of an update. These changes could be to your main product or service content or updating blog articles to make them more relevant. If you change 10% of the content of the article, then change the published date.

Update the Website Internal Links

This is not the easiest take in the world, and without documentation of your existing Internal inks, it is even more difficult. Each article that you add should be connected to relevant groups of similar content on your website, but it is also important to link the existing articles to the new ones. These new pages should always include links to your Cornerstone Content (these are pages about your main products and services)

Review Website Technical SEO

Some of the technical SEO tasks require expertise. These items should be dealt with as part of an SEO Audit. However, there are some tasks you can perform yourselves such as keeping the size of your images as small as possible. You can use tools such as Smush to optimize the size of your images.

Check your Website for Cannibalized and Outdated Content

Cannibalized content causes competition with (other) existing content on your site. If there are two articles that are on a similar topic, from a similar point of view, then they should be combined into one new article. Also, incorrect or irrelevant pages must be removed on your webssite. These pages will be deleted properly from your site with redirects so that you do not cause 404 errors on Google search.

Add Structured Data to your Website

Not every type of post is suited for rich results, but for many types of content it can make a difference. We will post ‘How To’ or ‘FAQ’, to increase your chances of a rich result. Also, if your website contains recipes, products, reviews or events, you will want to use structured data.

Maintain your Social Media

We will share your blog posts, photographs, events from your daily life and other articles you find interesting. This will keep the engagement high and result in more visitors to your website.

Links from Web 2.0 sites

This is where you can build a mini version of your website at places  like which, in turn, link to your website

Links from Forums

You can post questions or make answers from forums like