SEO For Construction Company In Bulgaria

Construction Comany SEO

Project Task/Challenge

Alfabuild are a relatively new construction business in Sofia, Bulgaria. These differ from most construction companies as they combine the investor and builder functions into one business giving them more control of the development.

Alfabuild specialise in luxury developments and currently have two buildings under construction in up market areas of Sofia.

Alfabuild had a new website which did not rank in the search engines at all and wish to appear on the first page results in Google.


The SEO for Alfabuild was split into two parts:

  • Initial SEO which created pages about the developments, their locations, and the reasons for living there
  • Continuous SEO which updated the pages created initial SEO to improve their ranking and added new pages to the blog which discussed progress of the developments and further information regarding the infrastructure.

In 6 months Alfabuild were listed on the first page of Google for their target keywords in the extremely competitive real estate market in Sofia