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eCommerce shipping in Bulgaria. Do You Know What You Really Want?

Whenever we are approached by a new eCommerce client, the ecommerce shipping in Bulgaria for their products always seems to be the last thing on their minds.

They are not thinking how ecommerce shipping impacts the consumer and will the logistics practice align with customer expectations. These are some frightening statistics.

  • 77% of shopping survey respondents have abandoned a purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping options.
  • 58% have stopped shopping with particular retailers as a result of a negative shipping experience.

However, there is truly little merchant recognition of shipping’s impact on sales. 47% of merchant respondents were unaware of their online cart abandonment rate, never mind the percentage of cart abandonment that is caused by shipping.

Retailers need to consider several critical factors to make a meaningful difference in ecommerce shipping and make it a way for brands to stand out.

Product Fulfilment in Bulgaria

80% of merchant respondents handle their own product fulfilment and only 8% of merchant respondents outsourcing fulfillment to a Third Party Logistics Company, who are logistics experts and help with inventory planning, warehouse optimization, localization of products and delivery coordination. Some questions that you may want to ask about ecommerce shipping in Bulgaria before starting your project:

  • Should the process be quick and convenient?
  • Should there be elements of the shipment that direct your customer to engage with you on other channels and buy again?
  • Should your shipping packaging be easily identifiable as coming from a particular brand?

Shipping Delivery Times

It has only been the last few years where the mass adoption of Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping has led to a transformation in customer expectations.

Now, consumers expect online purchases to ship fast – and they do not want to pay for that convenience.

Often free shipping comes with purchases over a designated amount and often consumers add an item to their cart to meet a minimum threshold price for free shipping.

Customers need the following in the Checkout process:

  • Not too many complex shipping options.
  • Clarity on what is included is included in the shipping cost or not.
  • The number of days that they should wait for their shipment.
  • How they can track the delivery.

Who to Choose to Perform your Shipping in Bulgaria?

The first thing to consider is your target market – are you only shipping to Bulgaria or to other countries as well?

If you are only shipping to Bulgaria, then you have two main options:

  • Organise the delivery yourselves using your own transportation or by contracting someone else.
  • Choose a third-party such as INOUT, SPEEDY, ECONT or the Post Office.

If you are shipping outside of Bulgaria, you can contact the third-party options listed above to check if they deliver to your market or choose an international logistics firm such as DHL or FEDEX.

Please note however, that some of these options can get expensive and can make your eCommerce business unprofitable.

Another point to note is the integration between the shipping company system and your website. Some questions to ask:

  • Is there any integration or is it a manual process?
  • Can the customer check the status of the delivery from the website?
  • Is it possible to override charges made to the customer from the shipping company on your website (e.g., free delivery over a certain amount)?

Ecommerce Shipping Bulgaria

There is no doubt that ecommerce shipping in Bulgaria is a complex process with many practical and technical issues to be resolved.

If you need any help with your solution to ecommerce shipping in Bulgaria then please contact us for a friendly conversation.

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