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Why Do Not Most OpenCart Website In Bulgaria Do Not Have SEO?

OpenCart SEO Bulgaria

Each week we get a request from a business owner for OpenCart SEO in Bulgaria.

When we investigate, the problem is normally caused by a complete lack of text on the website.

We do not blame the Ecommerce store owners as they are not SEO experts, but they were sold a solution by the OpenCart Web Designer in Bulgaria that will require constant promotion on Google Ads or the Social Media to bring them new customers.

The OpenCart eCommerce website requires initial SEO on its product categories before the website is launched, and constant updating via the blog for 6 months after launch.

OpenCart eCommerce Initial SEO

Doing SEO at a product level is very time consuming if you have a lot of products. This can be compounded if you only have product descriptions from suppliers that need to be rewritten as duplicate content will never rank on Google Search.

Therefore, we recommend doing OpenCart SEO at the Product Category level. Pick your top selling product categories (up to 10) and create content with at least 500 words for each category for every language that you are targeting.

Make sure all your Meta Titles, Meta descriptions and SEO URL’s are in place is key along with setting up your site on Google Search Console

This will get your SEO off to good start for the OpenCart website launch, but a lot more work is needed to get onto the first page of Google Search results (unless you have an incredibly unique niche product line).

OpenCart eCommerce Ongoing SEO

Once your website has launched, OpenCart SEO and Marketing your website is especially important and required to succeed in this competitive environment.

Constant monitoring and improving your site based on analytics is essential and some of it you can do yourselves.

Monitoring page ranking, creating 301 redirects when you remove pages is also key to having a well ranked website.

Making sure you regularly update and write your own content not just duplicate product information from suppliers.

Marketing your website both externally and on-site with, news/blog articles, social networking, and on-site promotions to match and follow what you do off-site.

OpenCart SEO Agency Bulgaria

It would be better to employ an OpenCart Website Designer in Bulgaria that understands SEO before you waste months by not being ranked on Google Search.

When starting your OpenCart SEO project look for a website design agency that will build you a stylish OpenCart website as well as employing SEO to increase sales.

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