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Thinking Of Expanding Your Business Into Bulgaria?

If your company has achieved success with innovative products or services and you are looking to expand into Bulgaria, then success will be made easier if you hand your sales and marketing to an agency who are experts in Outsourced Sales and Marketing Bulgaria

In this way, it is not necessary to establish a local subsidiary with all the costs and risks that such a major commitment represents. Instead of hiring permanent local sales and marketing employees, you can engage qualified representatives, starting immediately on a small basis and grow.

If you are thinking of launching your business in Bulgaria, the first thing to note is that the business language is Bulgarian. Most Google searches are made by Bulgarians in Bulgaria, the social media is in Bulgarian and the leads and sales are nearly all in Bulgarian.

Therefore, you have the choice of setting up your own Bulgarian sales and marketing team in Bulgaria or outsourcing it to native team.

Optimized offers representation packages for companies seeking sales, marketing and/or manufacturers’ representatives in Bulgaria.

In this way it is easier to scale faster with less risk using our affordable and integrated Marketing and Sales Process in Bulgaria.

Outsourced Sales and Marketing Service in Bulgaria

This service is ideal for companies that are considering outsourcing their sales and marketing functions, and includes:

  • Acting as an outsourced sales and marketing representative
  • Acting as a reliable manufacturers’ representative contact
  • Handling enquiries and orders
  • Building brand equity (PR, media, sales channel etc.)

Our sales representatives can rapidly identify business opportunities, evaluate local competition, catch RFPs in the early phase and manage marketing programs, perform demonstrations and participant in promotions and local events.

Advantages of Outsourcing Sales and Marketing in Bulgaria

Onboarding new clients and launching new programs can be challenging for internal marketing departments who may not have the infrastructure and resources in place to handle the Bulgarian market.

Optimized can quickly and easily mobilize teams to introduce new business and establish territory.

In addition, our experienced, in-house marketing team works in partnership with your internal sales campaign management team to develop a marketing plan including specialized brand materials and sales collateral catered toward our unique customer acquisition approach.

Integrated Sales, Marketing and Automation Strategy

We create compelling content, run marketing campaigns, and deploy automation systems to generate demand and accelerate lead volume.

We have a blended team of sales and marketing professionals to engage, educate, and convert leads into appointments and opportunities.

We help you build a repeatable sales and marketing process by combining content marketing and marketing automation with ongoing outbound and inbound campaigns.

We can use your chosen Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or implement a new one for the Bulgarian market.

Outsourced Sales in Bulgaria

Sales Outsourcing in Bulgaria brings you the benefits of in-country sales representatives who fully understand the local culture, business scene and key players, idiosyncrasies and other factors, and who act as your sales agents (e.g., business cards, email address, etc). We will:

  • Speak in Bulgarian to leads
  • Decrease the burden on your internal sales team
  • Allow you to expand faster

Our outsourced sales team will be completely invisible to your customers. As far as they are concerned, the outsourced team members are part of your team.

If you are offering technical products and services, we don’t necessarily have to know every intricate detail of how a product works as we will connect the technical people on both sides to have that discussion.

Our outsourced sales team will bring fresh ideas and opportunities in Bulgaria and then implement them.

Our outsourced sales team in Bulgaria build relationships for your businesses using a variety of methods, including:

  • Answering incoming calls and emails
  • Outbound calling
  • Social Selling: using platforms like LinkedIn
  • Engaging in Sales Chat so that prospects can get answers to their questions quickly
  • Conduct webinars
  • Pipeline Management

Outsourced Marketing in Bulgaria

As an established, international full-service digital marketing agency, we have all the skills necessary to market your business in Bulgaria. These include:

Optimized Marketing

Optimized Web Bulgaria is a Personalized Agency with a Full Set of Digital Marketing Services.

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