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We build the advertising campaigns. We build the landing pages and funnels. You close the deals.
Find out how Pay Per Lead can increase leads and scale your business while reducing financial risk



We build the advertising campaigns. We build the landing pages and funnels. You close the deals.

Pay per lead is an online advertising payment model in which payment is based solely on receiving qualified leads.

In short, pay per lead marketing is a great way to increase leads and scale your business while reducing financial risk.


We take the risk and complexity out of marketing your business. You simply pay us a price per lead that works for both of us, we don’t require any commitment.

  • 100% Risk Free – You Pay Per Lead
  • No Set-Up Fees
  • No Monthly Management Fees
  • You Control the Cost
  • We can provide you with as many leads as you wish
  • Exclusive, high quality leads for 1-to-1 clients

Why do so few agencies offer Pay Per Lead In Bulgaria?

it’s true that running a pay-per-lead service in Bulgaria is incredibly challenging and therefore those who do offer this service are experienced, technically knowledgeable, and capable at lead generation. These are the kinds of agencies that you want to work with

Lead Ownership

There are basically two models for Pay Per Lead generation:

    • The One-to-One model basically just generated leads for your own business and are not shared with anyway one else and your business owns the lead. In this model the leads go straight to your website and you pay for the advertising costs.

    • The Market Brand model is where the agency sells leads to a variety of businesses depending on the characteristics of the leads and your business will never uniquely own the lead. In this model the leads will come to one of our brand websites and you will not be responsible for the marketing costs

Characteristics of Pay Per Lead in Bulgaria

Predictable Cost

With pay per lead in Bulgaria, you pay a specific amount for every lead you get. Although there’s no guarantee that you will be able to convert any given lead into a client, you know how much a lead will cost you.

In Pay Per Lead, you will get unique leads based on your needs in the price that we will agree for. No fake information or no fake leads. We will make sure that each lead we will provide you with will be unique and interested in what you are doing.

Pre-Qualified Leads

In pay per lead advertising, the leads you get are people that have indicated an interest in the services or products that you provide. Because they are pre-qualified leads that meet your criteria, you already have some information about them, which can help you convert them to clients faster.

Also, with Pay Per Lead you can set specific actions such as a sign-up form or qualifying questions or demographic queries to profile the received leads. This is one way of filtering highly potential leads from those who may not convert into sales.

Leverage Expert Knowledge

Running successful advertising requires specific skill sets like writing marketing copy and doing keyword research to target the right prospects. With pay per lead, we do this work.

Positive R.O.I (Return on Investment)

Pay Per Lead works the best with companies that they have a customer lifetime value above $2000.

Whether you want 20, 50, 100, 200 leads per week we can provide them to you. We can provide you with as many leads for as you can reasonably manage.

How Does Optimized Generate your Leads?

Our leads come from a variety of channels. SEO and advertising through channels such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are just some of the ways in which we can provide you with pay per lead success.

We create effective ads for acquiring leads, increasing brand awareness driving traffic to your website or made-for-purpose user-friendly landing pages.

Intent Focused Leads

Intent focused customers typically come via a Google search, ensuring we are in the prime position to connect your business. 90% of our clients have their own in-house marketing campaigns, but use our intent focused leads to hit targets.

Influence New Customers

Influencer marketing is typically done via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – here we promote your story and offer to an entirely new audience. We influence people to buy through refining audiences and ensuring your message hits the right people at the right time.

Why Choose Pay Per Lead Generation in Bulgaria?

Unlike pay per click, where you pay when an ad is clicked on, regardless of whether you capture any data to follow up, PPL in Bulgaria brings high quality leads without paying for clicks that do not result in leads.

It has nothing to do with the number of people who see or click on the ad; it focuses on bringing a legitimate audience to your business interested in your service or product.

What’s the Difference between Shared Leads and Exclusive Leads?

What are shared leads?

Shared leads are leads that are available for purchase for multiple companies. While you have the assurance of knowing the potential customer is interested in your products and services, you have to compete with others to win the deal.

Pros of Shared Leads

  • Potentially lower cost per lead
  • Potentially higher volume of leads

Cons of Shared Leads

  • You have to compete with every lead
  • Potentially lower quality leads

What are exclusive leads?

In contrast to shared leads, exclusive leads are sent to just one business. Naturally, this gives you a much better chance of closing the deal and landing more jobs. There’s no guarantee that you’ll close exclusive leads. But you definitely won’t lose out to a competitor who’s working the same lead from the same source.

Pros of Exclusive Leads

  • Higher quality leads
  • No direct competition

Cons of Exclusive Leads

  • Potentially lower volume of leads
  • Potentially higher cost per lead

Types of Businesses we Serve

PPL is the first choice for B2B businesses. For instance, if you have any of the following or related businesses, then you might have to consider PPL as your first option:

  • Education
  • Legal Services
  • Financial and Banking
  • Insurance
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • Wholesale
  • IT and Call Centres
  • Professional Services
  • Construction and Property

Types of Lead Generation We Deliver in Bulgaria

Cost Per Lead Campaigns

Campaigns based on a cost-per-lead model are powerful and scalable, we use:

Social Media Campaigns

We use the popularity of social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Reddit to attain new customers for your business.

Search Campaigns

Our SEO campaigns are highly effective at delivering exceptional quality leads based on your customer profile. With engaging ads, we will target an audience that is looking for your specific products or services.

Ad Network Campaigns

We use native advertising platforms such as Taboola, Outbrain and Google to display adverts to vast audiences via substantial media websites. This type of pay per lead generation is highly effective for running large scale consumer-focussed campaigns.

Which Lead Generation Platform Is Best for Your Business?

While it can be quite competitive, Facebook is probably the safest option to start a lead generation campaign where you can find the most in-depth options in terms of targeting and creative format.

Twitter is ideal for consumer-related products and as it continues to grow, is certainly a platform to keep your eyes on. If you are looking to sell B2B services, give LinkedIn a try but beware of high bidding and the need to get your selling points spot on.

While Google Ads will attract leads with specific intent, this is a competitive platform which may require high bids that don’t fit your budget.

Crafting Bespoke Landing Page Assets

Every lead generation campaign requires compelling creatives that will attract and convert. Our design team uses modern principles to create bespoke landing page assets that are built for conversions. We have a proven track record in using engaging creative assets to generate qualified leads.


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