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These SEO Techniques Wiil Not Work in 2020

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Some SEO Agencies in Bulgaria are still using SEO Techniques that stopped being useful more than 10 years ago.

Before employing an SEO Agency in Bulgaria, be careful to check that they are not using these outdated techniques.

Targeting One Keyword Per Page

Google has become good at identifying not only synonyms but also searches with similar intent.

This has made creating dedicated keyword pages obsolete.  It is much better to create one main topic page which contains the target keyword as well as its varieties, synonyms, and related search terms.

It is much better to regularly update the main topic page rather than create specific keyword pages.

Over Use of Keyword Density

The idea behind keyword density is for Google to understand what the page all about. To do this the page should contain some keywords.

Keywords are still important, but both exact match keywords and keyword densities are not relevant as Google can now easily identify the purpose of your page.

There is no point in using keywords more than a few times per page, and overusing keywords may negatively impact rankings.

Additionally, having high keyword density percentages may damage the fluidity of your copy, causing suspicion of both users and search engines and possibly earning a penalty.

A Specific Number of Words per Page

There exists an idea that a page has to contain a certain minimum word count in order to achieve first page Google rankings.

While it is obvious that a page only containing 50 keywords will probably not rank very well in the search engine rankings, what really matters is the quality of page content. This is true for both users and search engines. For some subjects, 500 words maybe enough to rank well, while for others it could need 2,000 words.

As a tip, keep writing until your topic is exhausted, and use appropriate headings (H2 and H3) which contain keywords to break the page up and improve the SEO.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is still a valid link-building strategy, but only if made correctly. If you can identify high authority websites that already host links to a few of your competitors, reach out to those websites in an authentic fashion, and offer to write a post that will add real value to their blog.

Keyword Rich Anchors

Anchor texts optimized for exact keyword matches used to be really important for signaling link relevance, and was widely used by SEO agencies.

Exact-match anchors are no longer necessary for signaling backlink relevance — Google is now using surrounding text, as well as larger context, to establish link importance. Furthermore, too many keyword rich anchors may be seen as unnatural and a part of a link scheme, and warrant a Google penalty.

The anchor text should be balanced between being descriptive, but not overly optimized.

AMP conversion

AMP is a Google-led open-source framework for developing extremely fast webpages. This was especially useful for mobile devices and developers would create AMP websites or AMP specific pages within a website.

However, AMP is not a SEO ranking factor, and AMP conversion has had mixed SEO results.

So, use best design practices to achieve fast load times without having to convert to AMP.

Exact Match Domains

Exact match domains, or keyword-rich domains, were websites with very little quality content, but with a domain name that matches a popular search term.

If you purchasing a new domain, there is nothing wrong with naming it with the main search term that you are targeting, but your website must also be populated with quality content, that is helpful to both Google and your potential customers

Meta Keyword Tag

In September 2009 Google made an official announcement stating it does not use keyword meta tags to rank pages. So whatever people say, don’t use them as they are a complete waste of time.

SEO Agencies in Bulgaria

If you are checking the viability of using SEO Agencies in Bulgaria, for more information on outdated SEO techniques, please refer to this article

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