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Find Out Who Has Visited Your Website

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Generating leads and converting them to sales is not an easy task for businesses in B2B environment. Anonymous Visitor Identification in  Bulgaria provides a method of tracking lost leads.

In most cases, almost 98% of website visitors remain anonymous and do not share any contact information with the website that they visit. For marketing professionals, knowing which businesses have visited your website and which pages they are interested can support B2B lead generation.

Traditional web analytics and lead generation tools do not provide necessary contact/company information of potential prospects.

Visitor Identification software provides salespeople with the missing information from website visitors necessary to convert them into a lead. Marketers can also use Visitor Identification software to better target visitors with content.

Visitor identification software provides:

  • Website Visit Information: Businesses that are visiting your website, the pages they have viewed, and the amount of time they have spent on your website.
  • Company Contact Information: contact details for key decision-makers in the visitor’s company.

Website visitor identification software can help businesses build a complete profile of their potential customers and can help shorten your sales cycle and eventually help close more business.

Features of Visitor Identification Software

Gather Company Information,

Using the business databases, visitor identification software gathers contact, business and social data for you. Often the visitor identification software will provide contact details for company operatives as well, such as names, email addresses and phone numbers and a direct LinkedIn integration

Display Visitor Metrics

The visitor identification software compiles and displays what pages the anonymous visitor visited, through what channel they found your site, time spent during their visit, and more analytics data. You can set up custom filters based on lead name, pageviews, time on site, visited URL(s), campaign parameters, geo-location and traffic source/medium.

Provide Reports and Alerts

Visitor identification software allows you to create views and reports which can be viewed within the tool or via email alerts.

Similar Leads for Sales Data Enrichment

Besides identifying the companies visiting your website, some visitor identification software also show you more alike business prospects based on company industry and location.

Examples of Visitor Identification Software

The following is a non-comprehensive list of anonymous visitor identification solutions listed in order of price per month (roughly):
  • Leadfeeder
  • Visitor Queue
  • Leadberry
  • Snitcher
  • Visual Visitor
  • Whois
  • ExactVisitor
  • Salesviewer
  • Leadboxer
  • Netfactor
  • SharpSpring

Anonymous Visitor Identification in  Bulgaria

Anonymous Visitor Identification in  Bulgaria partly depends on the database of IP addresses that it holds. Bulgaria does not have Visitor Identification Software databases anywhere near as robust as in the USA and Western Europe, but the size of the databases is increasing all the time. The usefulness of Visitor Identification Software has decreased due to the increased work from home due to the COVID-19 outbreak, and suppliers have introduced new methods of tracking down the anonymous website visitors in Bulgaria However, Visitor Identification Software still has the potential to add tremendous value to get contact information from a percentage points of website visitors. Optimized have invested a lot of effort in identifying the most effective Anonymous Visitor Identification in Bulgaria.

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