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Website SEO Copywriting in Bulgaria

Are You Struggling To Find An Agency That Understands Your Business?

​Are you struggling to find quality SEO Copywriting in Bulgaria for your project?

A team that can really understand your brand and market sector like you, that can produce compelling copy that will rank on Google as well as converting your website visitors to customers.

Every day we write about a wide range of topics, such as travel, business, health, sports, medical, and beauty. So, if you are trying to find a team for your specific business sector then we can help.

No project is too big or too small. Whether you need content for one webpage or one hundred, you can count on us. We will create a tailored solution to meet your goals. From start-ups to global enterprises, everybody receives the same level of dedication and attention.

Some FAQs

  • What is the next step to get my copywriting? – Contact us and tell us about your project and we will send you a quotation
  • How long does website copywriting take? – It completely depends on the size of the project, but we do have an emergency service if you are in a hurry
  • How do you know what to write? – We will ask you many questions about your business and then make research from there
  • What if I am not happy with the copy? – You will have the opportunity to review our copy and we will make the necessary changes
  • Do I need search engine optimised website content? – Optimised content is great for some businesses, but it is not necessary for every website
  • How do I pick my keywords? – We will perform keyword analysis and help you pick relevant keywords.
  • Will my site rank top on Google? – We will take all actions possible to write content for you that search engines love. However, while great content is important, websites need other elements like frequent blogging and good inbound links before they can achieve high search ranks.

Web Copywriter Bulgaria - Unique Website Content by Native Writers

If you need an agency that delivers consistent, accurate SEO copy on-time across any business area then use Optimized as your Web Copywriter in Bulgaria.

If you are launching a new website or re-designing an old one, we can supply web content cost-effectively. We can also help develop your brand story if you are a new start up.

The assignment could be for a one-off job or an ongoing partnership, your web copy will be delivered on brand and on budget.

Our writers know how to appeal to humans and search engines, and how to establish you as an authority in your field.

We can provide you with:

  • Blog articles to engage your readers to send all the right signals to search engines.
  • A supply of social media content
  • Landing page copy that drives conversions and blends seamlessly with the rest of your brand for Google Ads, social media campaigns or newsletter sign-ups.
  • Home page content that clearly describes your business
  • Services pages completely optimised for SEO
  • Product category pages that show the visitor what you sell

Frequently Asked Questions

When you are targeting multiple audience segments at once it is important to have copy that appeals to everyone. We ask smart, probing questions to get the detail that we need.

How long do you need to write our whole site? This depends on site size and the relative complexity of your process, but you should estimate one day for every page that your require

How long should our web pages be? The best web pages have over 500 words laid out in easy-to-read blocks.

How involved we be and what is your review process like? We can work with your team as much or little as you like, and we appreciate as much feedback as possible. No content will be published unless you are 100% happy with it.

Web Copywriter Bulgaria

Compelling, Persuasive Content For Google and Your Customers

Building Your Website Was The Easy Part — Now You Need Compelling, Persuasive Content to Turn Browsers into Buyers

If you thought picking the best website design and layout was difficult, then just wait until you have to come up with the content and copy for your new website in Bulgaria.

Five years ago, you might have been able to get away with limited, in terms of quality and length, content copy, this is no longer the case.

Gone are the days where you can create a 10-15 page website with ~200 words per page and expect it to rank well organically. In the most competitive industries, not only will you have to create volumes of compelling content for each main page of your website, but you’ll probably also have to make a long-term commitment to writing a blog, adding news updates to your site and building a community.

Google guides relevant visitors to your website by ranking your site high in the organic search results—if the content on your website’s pages closely matches the search query being used.

Our website copywriters offer the best copywriting services in Bulgaria

SEO Copywriting Bulgaria  is a specialized form of online writing that:

  • Contains key phrases — words your target reader types into a search box to find the information she wants
  • Helps online content rank higher in Google search results
  • Drives qualified traffic

SEO copywriting is quality writing. The key phrases should not make the writing hard-to-read, sound repetitive, or lose its conversion focus.

How Is SEO Copywriting Different from Traditional Copywriting?

The main difference to traditional copywriting is that SEO copywriting contains key phrases, and we type words into Google’s search box to get answers to our questions.

But SEO copywriting is much more than just inserting key phrases into content: Google also wants to see authoritative content that fully answers your readers’ questions and stands out from competing content not just keyword stuffing.

SEO Copywriting Serves Two Purposes

On the one hand, your readers need to find the content relevant and something that educates, entertains or enlightens them.

Also, Google needs to see the content written in a certain way to understand what the page is about.

The key fundamentals to SEO Copywriting in Bulgaria and everywhere else are:

  • Match keyword intent
  • Get to the point and create relevant content
  • Refrain from keyword stuffing
  • Communicate in a language that your audience will understand
  • Try to get a featured snippet
  • Think of a compelling headline
  • Optimize your meta tags
  • Target synonym keywords
  • Do not forget about voice search

Why is your website not selling your products or services?

There are various reasons that you are not getting success online

  • Your pages are not showing in the Google search results
  • Your pages are getting visitors but not achieving the desired results (no CRO)
  • Your content is outdated
  • Your content was never optimized

If you need help in creating SEO content for your website, then contact the expert SEO copywriters in Bulgaria to get more leads and conversions online.

Website Copywriting Translation in Bulgaria

As well as creating your website and other digital marketing copy, we can translate it into the other languages that you are targeting.

This will be particularly useful if:

  • You are targeting the non-Bulgarian population in Bulgaria then you will need your website in English
  • You are promoting your products and services outside of Bulgaria then you will need your website to be translated to English and, maybe to the other main European languages such as French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • You are an International company setting up to do business in Bulgarian then you will need your website to be in Bulgarian. In this instance, we will write the content in English so that you can check that it is perfect then use our multilingual Bulgarian team to translate the text into Bulgarian

What is Included In Our Website Copywriting Services in Bulgaria

Our website content writing services in bulgaria all follow the same process which is a tried-and-true method that has increased our clients’ website traffic and conversions significantly.

Website Copy Strategy

We will get to know your company, your goals, and what message you are trying to send to your target audience. We then identify the top content keywords in your market area and industry. We can then create a copywriting strategy to help you communicate your value, increase sales, and differentiate your brand.

Website Audience Analysis

Different audiences prefer different types of language and click with different types of content. Our next step is to perform an analysis of your audience to discover what type of content they prefer and what drives their decisions. After we know who your audience is, we can start to craft content they will engage with.

Website Copy Creation by Professional Copywriters

We will create and publish targeted, well-written website content that includes:

  • Home page
  • Service/product pages
  • Contact pages and forms
  • Careers and about pages
  • Case studies

Content Measurement and Analytics Reporting

You cannot improve if you do not track your progress, which is why we recommend ongoing content marketing services after your website copy is launched. Included are easy-to-understand monthly reports on the status and results of all your content campaigns and how they are affecting your bottom line and branding efforts.

Optimized Marketing

Optimized Web Bulgaria is a Personalized Agency with a Full Set of Digital Marketing Services.

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