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Personalisation Your Website For Each Visitor

Real Time Website personalization is the latest requirement in website design. Personalisation allows businesses to create a customised, relevant, compelling experience for every single website visitor — automatically and dynamically. Your digital marketing in Bulgaria must contain website personalisation if you want to convert visitors to customers.

Personalisation allows an organization to provide a unique, highly relevant experience every time, providing a better customer experience and specific one-to-one marketing to every website visitor.

It is becoming the norm for us all to expect a personalised experience in all areas of our digital lives.

Online buyers are now much more sophisticated around:

  • The optimal buying journeys
  • How long they are prepared to spend searching for information
  • How and when they want to digest that information

A one-fit website for all, will not work anymore and website personalisation.

Using content personalisation software gives you not just one website but dozens of websites. This facilitates your organisation to appeal to a far wider audience and allows for accurate account-based marketing, lead nurturing and conversion.

Website personalisation is a very important part of website conversion rate optimisation in Bulgaria.

The Benefits of Web Personalisation

Personalisation, whether highly evident or subtle has a significant impact on the website visitors experience and their engagement with a brand. The experience provided to any visitor has a profound effect on their perception of an organisation and the subsequent engagement with the brand — and ultimately affects the likeliness of the visitor to purchase from the business.

Website personalisation allows you to dictate the way your website looks for each visitor, making it highly appealing for your customers to browse the content in more detail:

  • Behavioural targeting provides a better user experience for your customer
  • As a result, uplift in conversions and lower exits rates are achieved
  • Subtle user experience personalisation helps the customer to feel connected to you and enjoy the excellent customer experience
  • Personalised content appeals to your customers and in turn earns their trust encouraging lifetime value
  • Personal recommendations specifically tailored to each customer that revisits the website creates a stronger brand affiliation within the customer base and a sense that you value their custom.

An excellent example of  website personalisation software can be found at Webeo

Your Website Visitor Profile

On average, the profile of a website visitor can be broken down into:

  • 6% Lapsed customers
  • 9% Brand new visitors (prospects)
  • 16% Unconverted pipeline
  • 18% Unconverted inquiries
  • 23% Existing sales pipeline
  • 28% Existing customers

The purpose of your website for potential new customers is to engage, nurture, convert.

The website should generate loyalty and upsell by understanding customers’ motivations and suggest new products or tailor offers

Your Website Customer Journey

94% of buying journeys start online. Buyers will on average browse five competitive websites before selecting the right vendor for their needs. Personalisation enables buyers to eliminate the noise related to their research and quickly position your brand as the knowledgeable more relevant vendor, provoking engagement and improving conversions. This means the customer will engage quicker and for longer, leading to positive results and repeat visits. Quickly growing your brand awareness.

Awareness Interest Desire Action

Where B2B websites often fail is in enriching the INTEREST stage of the AIDA model — the website simply is not relevant enough to the specific buyer. The result, high bounce rates and low website conversion rates.

With 28% of website visitors being existing customers, your website is the ideal place to continue high quality customer marketing — leveraging an existing asset requires minimal investment, in return yielding maximum returns from your existing customer

Website Personalisation Bulgaria

Eight ways website personalisation Bulgaria can increase client value:

  • Present easy upsell opportunities
  • Leverage exclusive customer offers and incentives
  • Display account management contacts for ease of communication
  • Welcome customers back, increase brand loyalty by knowing who they are
  • Show them ways that other companies have leveraged your products
  • Help and educate customers with relevant industry content
  • Align your expertise perfectly with their needs
  • Display specific information relevant to their industry

Generally, professional buyers freely log in to B2B websites while a compulsory log in may hinder conversions on a B2C website. This login gives immediate and valuable data for you to use to deliver a very personalised service: who they work for, which industry, where they are located and often their job title

Disadvantages of Real-Time Website Personalisation

If you accidentally refer to a customer by the wrong name or recommend a product that goes against their values; this could result in you permanently losing that customer, so accuracy of data is important.

Some users can be sensitive about their digital preferences being tracked. Transparency about how the data is collected, used and stored is essential to reassure your customers and help them feel comfortable their data is in good hands.

How to Measure and Track Success of Website Personalisation Bulgaria

Measurement and tracking is important — tracking the traffic on your website allows you monitor the effectiveness of your marketing. You can readily see what elements visitors like and which are less popular so it helps you understand your audience better.

Consider elements such as when tracking website personalisation Bulgaria:

  • Bounce rate reduction. You will be surprised in the reduction of single-page visitors as these customers will be drawn to more pages with targeted relevant messaging.
  • Customer engagement increase. Tailored content allows you to interact at a personal level and acknowledge individual preferences, creating deeper engagement.
  • Conversion to inquiry. Personalisation gives you the best possible chance to convert all inquiries.

Affect of Web Personalisation on SEO

Google likes it if visitors stay on your website for a long time. The higher the Google ranking the greater the likelihood that your business website gets the click. Your traffic will naturally increase with your SERP standing. Personalisation then ensures you are placed to maximise on the return from this uplift in visitors.

  • Increased page views will indicate the level of the customers’ engagement with your message.
  • Time spent on site. The deeper level of customer engagement will be reflected by the time spent visiting your website.
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