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When the target audience views your advertisement at the right moment, in the right place, it is the holy grail of advertising.

Programmatic advertising is rewriting the standard method of advertising to one that leverages powerful machine learning and cutting-edge algorithms that leave nothing to chance – maximising your return on every cent spent with programmatic ad spend.

The old way of purchasing advertising was a manual process that included quotes and human negotiations and lacked real-time visibility into results. Programmatic advertising is changing everything, as it leverages algorithms that quickly determine where your advertising dollars will work the hardest – and displays your ad impression results in real time.

Targeting is used to segment audiences using important data – so that you only pay for advertising that is delivered to the right audiences.

Real-time data is used to locate the best online audiences for your specific advertising campaign and matches your advertising to those opportunities. Personalisation is critical in today’s market, and programmatic services enables you to get in front of the right audiences more effectively.

Programmatic Advertising Agency in Bulgaria

One of the most effective, affordable, adaptable, and data-driven ways to purchase sponsored media is through programmatic advertising in Bulgaria.

Programmatic advertising is the automated buying and selling of online ad space while focusing on demographics and audiences.

With the use of display advertising and real-time bidding, our internet marketing specialists assist our clients in making efficient purchases of digital media for their businesses. We have seasoned PPC and paid media specialists who have years of expertise running paid advertising campaigns for various niches.

To design customised campaigns that draw in new audiences and increase income, we blend data, technology, and expertise.

Why Use Programmatic Advertising in Bulgaria?

The main justifications for using programmatic advertising in Bulgaria. by businesses are listed below.

Automated Marketing

Brands and agencies may quickly buy ad space on websites and apps thanks to programmatic advertising.

Increased Returns on Investment

With a reduced budget, programmatic advertising enables the creation of personalised ad campaigns. Less wasted clicks and impressions result from its robust and focused targeting.

Extended Range

Programmatic advertising allows you to easily buy digital ad space, giving you access to a vast supply of ad inventory across a variety of websites, allowing you to swiftly reach your target audience.

Superior Tracking Capability

Advanced tracking options in programmatic advertising allow you to view the quantity of conversions as well as the type and value of each conversion. This enables you to pinpoint the campaigns, platforms, tools, keywords, ad copy, landing pages, etc., that contribute to the best conversion rates.

Greater Transparency

Compared to traditional advertising, programmatic advertising offers marketers and advertisers greater transparency as it informs you of the website and time where your ad was posted.

Real-Time Management

Each ad impression in programmatic advertising is monitored and reported in real time. As a result, you do not need to wait for a campaign’s final report to assess performance. Bids and targets can be changed as necessary.

Measurement of Performance

We use pertinent searches to find and target potential customers for your company. To measure performance metrics using a context-specific approach, we employ data from several ad platforms and a variety of tools, including climate, geolocation, user intent, and user interests.

What is Programmatic Targeting?

To improve accuracy and results, you can target your adverts in a variety of ways using programmatic advertising in Bulgaria:

Contextual Targeting

A website’s background, such as its focus on fashion or financial services, will determine what advertisements are displayed.

Keyword Focusing

To give the best match for your advertising, your list of keywords is compared to the keywords used in the article.

Audience Targeting

Instead of the context of a website, ads may alternatively be displayed based on the users cookies.


We use geo-targeting to connect you with customers who are local to them. Geo-targeting can be used to deliver language-specific advertisements to audiences in a particular nation for worldwide companies or online services.


On average, 2% of visitors to your website convert on their first visit. Retargeting aims to win back the other 98% of customers.

A cookie is stored on a potential customer’s computer each time they visit your website. This information can then be used to target advertisements to this person, increasing the likelihood that they will do business with you again.

Retargeting is a very effective strategy for re-engaging customers with your brand because they already know you and trust you.

What Is the Cost Of Programmatic Advertising?

CPM, or cost per 1,000 ad impressions, is a term used in online advertising to describe how programmatic is commonly transacted.

Depending on the list’s quality and the degree of targeting, CPMs can vary greatly.

The price will increase in direct proportion to the inventory’s quality or the degree of targeting specificity you desire.

Industry, device, format, and location on the page all affect price.

Programmatic CPMs typically fall between 0.50 and 2 Euros per CPM.

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