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Inbound Website Link Building Is The Best SEO Activity

There is no doubt that a Link Building Service Bulgaria is the best way to improve your search engine results in Bulgaria.

Quality links can be the difference between dominating your industry and going out of business.

While not a standalone solution, quality links are essential to improving your online visibility while building trust and credibility.

But let’s not kid ourselves, quality link building in Bulgaria is difficult (it is difficult anywhere, but due the number of publications available in the Bulgarian language it is harder).

Quality Link Building are needed because:

  1. They are one of the most important Google Ranking Factors
  2. Guest Posting and Brand Mentions on a niche relevant website can send quality referral traffic to your website
  3. You can gain brand recognition by appearing on relevant blogs, podcasts, and other types of publications


Quality link building does NOT involve:

  • Publishing on Fiverr
  • Private Blog Networks (PBNs)
  • Paid Guest Posts
  • Blog comments
  • Article directories


Link building involves many tactics and supporting content is a must. In order to succeed, you need to have the right content to promote and a tested set of tactics to promote it. Guest posting, blogger outreach, and other popular link building tactics can all be effective, so long as you choose the right one for the job.

We provide the services below to provide quality links to your website in Bulgaria.

Content Marketing in Bulgaria

Content marketing is about producing fresh, unique content for your website which will then be linked to by many ather websites due to the quality of the information.

Benefits of content marketing in Bulgaria:

  • Building links with content marketing is proven to work
  • There is no doubt that this is white hat SEO is as hard as it gets
  • Bonus benefits such as traffic from social media and brand awareness


It is important to have content promotion, otherwise no-one may read the page. The best way of doing this is by using the social media to promote your content.

Blogger Outreach Services in Bulgaria

You must promote your content using manual link building and blogger outreach.

We identify bloggers that you can reach out to, finding their email addresses, contacting them, and following up.

This works on a flat fee basis for every link that is built.

Benefits of Blogger Outreach Services in Bulgaria:

  • Email outreach is a super white hat approach to link building
  • You tend to get quality, white hat links. Google wants to see contextual links on related websites
  • You only pay for results


You need to have quality content as Bloggers aren’t going to link to poor content

Through manual outreach and ethically acquired placements, real sites receive genuine traffic and ultimately giving your sites the authority needed to outperform the competition.

Guest Posting Services in Bulgaria (Advertorials)

We will write and publish guest posts on your behalf with a link back to your site.

We will:

  • Find sites that accept guest posts in Bulgaria
  • Talk to the editors
  • Write the posts
  • Get the post published

This is a very time-consuming process and can cost between Euro 100 and Euro  500 depending on the quality of the publisher. We tend to focus on high-quality publishers as they will give better back links and achieve faster results

Our guest posts provide you and your clients with the topically relevant articles and links that you need to help improve and diversify your link profile. Our team of in-house writers and outreach staff ensure that your sites receive the most powerful and most topically relevant links back to your site.

Benefits of Guest Posting Services in Bulgaria

  • You get legimate links from a few guest posts on relevant sites, which are totally safe and can help boost your rankings
  • A guest post on a big site in your niche can send you LOTS of referral traffic
  • Pay per link model. Just like with outreach services, you only pay when you get a guest post published

Local SEO Packages

We can provide you and your clients with every resource that you will need to achieve good local SEO results.  Whatever the local service, we offer a comprehensive seo package that will enable you to succeed in your niche space using citations, links, and Google My Business optimisation.

Community Forum Marketing

Community Forum Marketing is a link-building strategy, where the backlink to your website (along with a real-life reply) is posted in online communities. This provides a good SEO boost, as Google loves when people reference a certain website – it makes it look reliable and trustworthy, which in turn gets you your higher SERP ranking.

Optimized partner with the best forum community marketing experts in the world, such as Crowdo,  to build the links that will propel your business up the Google search engine results.

Link Building Service Bulgaria

We will take care of everything in your link building service Bulgaria. Finding keywords, creating and publishing content.

From powerful link building techniques to on page optimization, we have you covered in every department. Whether it is client work or your own business, our full-service SEO packages ensure you have the platform needed to elevate your digital projects.

Our skilled process many different 20 different link building strategies that work for any website to achieve measurable results. We collaborate with our clients to improve our campaigns and adjust target pages.

You can check your backlinks using AHrefs

Optimized Marketing

Optimized Web Bulgaria is a Personalized Agency with a Full Set of Digital Marketing Services.

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