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Use Video To Improve Your Marketing In Bulgaria

Video Will Outperform Any Other Type Of Marketing Channel
Are you using it effectively for your business?
Find Out From A Video Marketing Expert

A strong video will outperform any other media format to convert your leads into customers, making video the number one digital lead conversion tool.  Video Marketing in Bulgaria is an effective and affordable solution to reach your audience.

Video Marketing can also increase your search engine ranking and greatly improve your brand awareness online, making it an invaluable part of any content marketing strategy.

Here are some video types we can help you create:

  • Corporate explainer videos
  • Lead generation videos
  • Product preview/review/unboxing/giveaway videos
  • Influencer videos
  • Event videos/recaps/live-streams
  • Live multi-streamed broadcasts and view-on-demand recordings
  • VR and AR video-experiences
  • Interactive gamified videos
  • Viral video attempts

Ninety percent of customers say video helps them make buying decisions, and 64% of potential customers say seeing a video makes them more likely to buy. Studies show that 74% of users who watched an explainer-video about a product subsequently bought it.

The average person watches more than an hour and a half of online video content per day, and the use video marketing is steadily growing across all industries.

Our video marketing services are designed to help clients increase their engagement levels with their audience to better promote their products and services. Depending on your goals, Optimized will place your video on the channels that are best for your business.

Benefits of Video Marketing in Bulgaria

These are some of the ways that video marketing in Bulgaria can help your business:

  • Easy to understand – Videos are an effective tool for communicating your message clearly and concisely to potential clients.
  • Better Engagement – Professional videos are the perfect way to increase engagement and encourage viewers to interact with your brand.
  • Memorability – Thanks to the positive experience that a video can create, more people will remember your business whenever they need the services you provide.
  • Social Interaction – Video allows you to voice your company’s message through unique and original content that your followers and customers can share with their friends on social media networks which increases the exposure of your brand to a wider audience.
  • Generate Brand Trust and Loyalty –When a consumer spends money, they want a quality product or service and will stick to brands they already know and trust.
  • Introduce Your Company’s Personality – You want to feel confident you are showing just the right amount of personality without coming across as insincere.

Our Video Marketing Process

Scope Consultation

Video production is a many-faceted task and our long-time video-production experts will consult you for a production solution that best fits your business’ needs.

In-Depth Story Outline / Storyboarding

Whether animated or live action, we start with an outline that combines audio and visual elements to help your message get through.

Script Writing

Using creativity and audience insights, we will match the message to the audience you are trying to reach.

Voice Over

Picking the right voice, tone and character to best drive home your engagement.

Editing and Motion Graphics

Our team of professional video and broadcast experts will create and modify your video in such a way that anyone watching will instantly think “quality”

Release on all social media (for VOD) or live (for broadcasts/streams)

Our team’s experience with social media video releases and live broadcasts will guarantee your company will get the most out of these channels and their often confusing and constantly changing algorithms.

On-Brand Experience

We will customise your package to fit your brand concept and storyboarding to filming and editing.

SEO Optimisation

Our video marketing experts will recommend titles, descriptions and social media posts to optimise your videos for relevant Google search phrases.

Where Video Marketing in Bulgaria Can Be Effective

Website Video Marketing

Website videos are often introductory in nature, as you must consider the site visitor may know next to nothing about your company. In the video, you will see someone of importance talking about their business, its history, and what it does.

This saves the customer time as rather than spend 15 minutes or so clicking and scrolling through the website for information, they can take a couple of minutes and watch a video instead.

YouTube Video Marketing

You can brand your videos, such as with a video card that lets you insert a link to your website, your social media, or your online store. This acts as a strong call to action.

Facebook Video Marketing

On Facebook, a video can break up the monotony of the endless scroll. Whether you repost it from YouTube or use Facebook video ads and post natively, Facebook has become a major platform for video.

Landing Page Video Marketing

The content published on your landing page is carefully written, edited, and then rewritten again. It must be perfect or close to it, as this could be your only chance to grab a lead and incentivise them to buy.

The landing page video should enhance the value of the page itself. This is the opportunity to show your customer how your product of service works or how it solves a need or problem.

Email Video Marketing

Embedding videos in emails can greatly increase your email open and click-through rates and get the point across much better than text and images.

Optimized Marketing

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