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Find Out What Your Website Visitors Are Really Doing

Why do you need to use website session replay in Bulgaria?

All web analytics tools try to provide actionable, reliable, and timely insights about the website visitor. They are trying to find out:

  • What is the customer trying to do?
  • What is their experience really like?
  • What works and what does not?
  • When, where, and why do users get frustrated?

Traditional analytics tools answer these questions by turning users into numbers: clicks, bounce rates, page visits, conversions, etc. While this data is helpful it is not an exact presentation of what is happening.

Session Replay goes beyond traditional web analytics tools by taking a complete picture of the user on a website or app to create an experience.

Product managers to tech teams to support agents, marketing to sales, are using session replay to understand the visitor’s journey on your website.

With session replay you can finally get the answers you need to understand your customers and improve their online experience.

What is Session Replay?

Session replay is the reproduction of a user’s interactions on a website or web application exactly or as close as possible to how the user experienced it. Session replay tools capture things like mouse movements, clicks, typing, scrolling, swiping, tapping, etc.

What Can be Recorded on Session Replay?

For session replay tools to be useful, they need to be capable of dealing with the complexity of the website.

Below is a partial list of all the things that can be recorded in session replay

  • HTML and CSS
  • CSS animations
  • Vector graphics in SVG
  • Hover cursors and effects
  • Embedded iframes
  • Script-modified input values
  • Window resizing
  • AJAX URL navigation
  • HTML5 audio and video playback
  • Multi-touch events on mobile devices

Session replay captures information on all user devices, browsers, window sizes, etc.

Where Session Replay Can Help Your Business

Listed are some problems solved by using a Session Replay tool:

Website Development

  • Reproduce and solve bugs faster
  • Understand the user experience (UX)
    • Is my design working? Does it make sense to users?
    • How do I understand the UX across the thousands of devices, browsers, screen resolutions, OS, etc.?
  • Observe and analyse user sessions that contain interactions with a specific new product feature.
  • Measure how page load and site performance varies across different browsers and devices.


  • Conversion rate optimization
    • Understand what is preventing users from converting
    • What is not working on the landing page?
    • Why are users missing the CTA?
    • Where are the visitors losing interest?
  • Session replay tools provide for the ability to filter user sessions by multiple events or user actions can be used to analyse marketing funnels and optimize experiences by watching sessions of users that fall out of the funnel.
  • Using UTM parameters and referral sources, session replay can help marketing teams understand how users from different advertising campaigns are reacting to landing pages and other marketing collateral.
  • Because a session replay tool captures all visitor interactions, it also picks up signals that indicate user frustration and customer struggle.
  • Discover and watch sessions that include form abandonment
  • See how a visitor journeys through your website than by researching the complete journey with session recording

Customer Support

With session replay tools you can match customer support tickets and customer service questions to session links.

Staff Onboarding

Understand and improve onboarding [UX] by watching sessions of users who go through onboarding flows to understand where users miss things, lose interest, or fail to understand functionality.

Legal Evidence

Because user session recording captures everything the user sees, it can be used to prove that a user saw or did something specific.


Detect suspicious activity such as SQL injection attacks, URL attacks, and cross-site scripting (XSS)

Website Session Replay Bulgaria

Optimized use Website Session Replay in Bulgaria to provide additional services to the website development and marketing so that we can improve the user experience and increase conversion rates.

Optimzed uses Crazy Egg to perform Website Recordings in Bulgaria but we can work with you if you already use different tools with similar functionality such as Hotjar


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