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What Is Community Forum Marketing?

Community Forum Marketing Bulgaria is a link-building strategy, where the backlink to your website (along with a real-life reply) is posted in online communities. This provides a good SEO boost, as Google loves when people reference a certain website – it makes it look reliable and trustworthy, which in turn gets you your higher SERP ranking.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Community Forum Marketing Bulgaria:

  • Strong backlink profiles
  • Higher ranking in Google Search
  • Increased brand awareness and exposure of your product/service
  • Increased traffic to your website
  • More sales

Crowd Marketing vs Outreach Marketing

The term “outreach” stands for reaching out to bloggers, journalists, publishers or other credible sources to write a piece of content that talks about your business. Often this is done with the purpose of link-building.

Outreach can be both free (writing a relevant article yourself and negotiating to publish it on a certain website) and paid (pay the influencer directly).

Crowd marketing and outreach marketing share a common goal – building up a natural link profile for your website and increasing brand awareness.

However, with outreach marketing you can only go with a few sources (since they will likely ask you to write a lengthy piece of content and charge you a hefty amount of money to link back to your website).

Crowd marketing is probably a go-to option for building backlinks, whereas outreach works particularly well for brand awareness. 

However, these marketing tactics are complementary and can be used side-by-side in your broad SEO strategy.

Things to Consider When Working on a Forum Backlink Campaign

Number of visitors and popularity of the forum

Links from highly visited and popular websites are simply more valuable and trustworthy in the eyes of Google. A good benchmark would be 30K visitors/monthly or above. This is the subject to several exceptions, as there are plenty of small but friendly communities.

Forum Crowd marketing is not only about backlinks, but it is also about bringing traffic to your website.

Relevance to your niche

Remember, not all backlinks are created equal. There are four different kinds of relevance (with regard to quality of the backlink) and they pass a different amount of ranking juice to your website.

  • A common thread on a common forum – those include useless threads where people greet each other
  • Thematic thread on a common forum – already better, as at least the thread corresponds to your target niche, but not an entire website
  • Thematic thread on a niche-relevant forum – That’s what we’re looking for, the entire website is related to your niche
  • Regional forum (for local businesses) – This one goes a step further than the last one, yet it is harder to achieve

“Freshness” of the forum thread

Not the backbone of an entire crowd marketing strategy, but still an important concern, that should not be neglected. If the thread is fresh and trendy – that plays well, both for the target audience and for Google.

The content of the forum reply

Goes without saying, the worst you can do is throw a bare backlink with no surrounding text. There should always be a natural-looking and well-written comment preceding the link to your website.

The backlink should not be hidden and your comment should be a part of the discussion.

Dofollow vs Nofollow

Nofollow links can still be useful, but make sure that not all of your backlinks are nofollow, as that wouldn’t improve your ranking. We aim for a natural mix of nofollow and dofollow links (50/50).

All dofollow links very suspicious to Google and nofollow links are still links, which means people will click on them visit your website

Google will use nofollow attribute (along with “ugc” and “sponsored”) as hints, meaning that they may still be indexed upon Google’s discretion.

  • “ugc” (user-generated content), which usually means that a link is a comment, posted on a forum or blog.
  • the “sponsored” attribute is meant to clearly show Google that a certain link was paid

Forum Marketing: Is it Spam or Not?

Proper forum marketing campaigns do not involve any spam. Spam is any kind of action that is intended to boost ranking without contributing any value to the page.

Forum Marketing can be anywhere between Black Hat (e.g spam, hidden links) to White Hat (completely natural link-building, that raises no suspicion in the eyes of a target user or search engines). Taking these into account, we can consider crowd marketing a grey hat strategy that can either evolve into white hat if done right or turn into black hat if done wrong.

What Are Some of the Ways to Perform Forum Link-Building Campaigns?

  • DIY (do-it-yourself) Almost free but very time consuming
  • Freelance – The quality will vary a lot, and you do not have so much control
  • Purchase from a specialized provider

How to Choose the Right Link-Building Service for Your Business?

  • Cases and reviews.
  • Full Report with all the backlink sources, their key metrics, and the anchor text and the links that are indexed by Google, otherwise they are of no use.

Authority or Diversification: Which One Should You Put First?

Both of these are important for your SEO and a healthy backlink profile. We at would advise you to implement both, dedicating 20% of your link portfolio to authority and the rest 80% to diversification.

Important Points about Forum Marketing

Although community/ forum marketing will help you to boost your SERP ranking, you should not solely rely on it.  You also must keep working on your on-page and technical SEO, as well as having an intuitive and well-structured landing page that would convert leads into customers.

Always put quality first, having 1000 backlinks out of nowhere is not nearly as good as having 20, but niche-relevant and well-placed.

No more than 20% of the links get deleted if you’ve executed your crowd marketing campaign the right way.

Community Forum Marketing Bulgaria

Optimized partner with the best forum community marketing experts in the world, such as Crowdo,  to build the links that will propel your business up the Google search engine results.

Community Forum Marketing in Bulgaria is just one of the quality link building services that we offer. Other services include guest posting and advertorials.

Full details of our link building service can be found on our link building services page

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