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How To Convert Web Visitors To Buyers

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Over 90% of purchases start on-line. How high is your conversion rate optimisation?

These could come from several sources:

  • Google organic search for one of your website pages which is ranking well in Google
  • Google paid search for special campaigns or start up website
  • Programmatic Display Ads on Google, Taboola or many other display advertising networks
  • The social media using organic or paid posts
  • Email campaigns from your CRM to your email list
  • Video advertising

Google organic search is the best method for long-term results as 80% of the clicks come from the organic sales results but we recommend using a combination of SEO and Google Search to start with as it gives instant results and the results of the Google Ads can be fed into the SEO project.

Programmatic displays ads are a low-cost way on Taboola to get you products and services in front of thousands of potential clients. In the main, we only recommend using Google Display for remarketing as it can become quite expensive.

Social media marketing is becoming more difficult as the Internet has become overwhelmed with information so your posts must now really stand out to grab the browsers attention. We recommend videos as the best way to get your message over.

Emails are still the most cost-effective may of digital marketing, but care must be taken to follow GDRP policies and not swamp the receiver with emails.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

A lot of effort has been spent driving visitors to you your website and you do not want to them to leave immediately.

Depending on your business, you will have one of these conversion actions as your primary goal:

  • Purchase
  • Demo request
  • Trial or free account signup
  • Filling out a lead form
  • Clicking an ad
  • Becoming an email subscriber

The following methods can be used to determine why visitors are leaving your website and not completing a conversion action:

  • Usability: A set of best practices and processes for making your site more user-friendly by removing unneeded functions and improving navigation
  • User recordings: A tool that records users as they move through your site and gives lot of feedback on where people get stuck and where they really want to go
  • Analytics: Tools for measuring visitors and users.
  • Heatmaps: A type of report that shows where people click on a page using “hot” and “cold” colours such as Crazy Egg
  • A/B testing: A common practice to verify conversion improvements. Two (or more) versions of your site are shown to visitors. Conversion rates are measured on each version to see which one is most effective.

Why Should you Focus on Landing Page Optimization?

Landing pages are often the first, and sometimes the only, page on your website that a visitor sees—which means they are your most powerful chance to make conversion rate optimisation for your goods or services.

Unlike a homepage, landing pages exist specifically to convert traffic into customers or repeat users; they are designed to either capture sales leads or directly sell a product.

When designing a landing page, the following elements are key:

  • Understand Your Audience
  • Craft Compelling Copy
  • Carefully Consider Placement
  • Capture Consumers with CTAs
  • Streamline The Content

Web Customisation and Personalisation

Most websites are still static as they will display the same information to all visitors regardless of where they are coming from (location, browser, device) and if they have visited before.

But there is a growing trend, led by businesses like Amazon and Netflix, to display different information website visitors depending on several factors.

Web customisation is where the visitors is asked for their preferences, while web personalisation uses data analytics to judge what information to display.

Currently web customisation and personalisation is more popular in the B2C market but an increasing number of B2B businesses are using these techniques to increase results

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