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Create City Pages on Your Website

Local SEO Sofia Bulgaria

Firstly, when it comes to Local SEO, the proximity of the searcher to your specific business location carries a substantial amount of relevance in determining the search result that searcher will see.

Showing up in Google Maps or the 3 pack of local search results is mostly a function of competitor and population density, coupled with the location authority of the specific business listing in Google Maps (your Google My Business listing).

The most densely populated, and the denser the competitive landscape, the smaller your radius of visibility will be in Google Maps.

Building strong location authority to your GMB can extend this radius out even further, but at a certain distance, your specific business location will no longer be geographically relevant to the proximity of the searcher.

This is where city pages come in and play a powerful role in connecting your business to new customers in surrounding service areas.

A City Page is optimized for Google organic search results and although proximity of the searcher still plays a role in influencing the search results, the influence is typically at a much higher level vs. Google Maps.

For example, in Sofia you could have different pages for each district and in Bulgaria you can have different pages for each town or city.

What Are City Pages?

City Pages are pages within your website that are optimized for a specific product or service in a specific city or market.  City Pages are a powerful way to connect with new customers from surrounding cities and markets around your main location where you do not have a physical address.

City Pages are also highly effective for connecting with customers who are searching more niche categories in your business who are in your main city.

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