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Differences Between Native Advertising and Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic Advertising: What Is It?

The simplest approach to describe programmatic advertising is to compare it to the digital ads you encounter on websites you visit, whether they take the shape of banner or sidebar advertisements, video ads that play before streaming videos you wish to watch, and so on.

Programmatic advertising refers to the ad-buying process through algorithm-based technology that determines the most precise ad placement in the quickest time and at the cheapest price, however, involves a little bit more activity.

The programmatic part is the real-time automation behind that ad placement, no matter what the medium (image, video, audio, etc). The algorithm is complex yet extremely effective for instant, automated ad bidding.

What Exactly Is Native Advertising?

While programmatic advertising reflects the traditional look and feel of digital ads – native advertising is all about not looking like an ad at all.

In other words, native advertising has an editorial appearance and feel and is meant to integrate into the design of the webpage it is displayed on.

A website article is not the only type of native advertising. Throughout social media, you can find illustrations of many strategies. This includes sponsored pieces that (regardless of whether an influencer is involved) are meant to appear and read like the type of content you would expect to see.

Key Distinctions Between Native Advertising and Programmatic Advertising


Your goals should be considered when deciding whether programmatic or native advertising is best for you.

A video commercial, a banner ad, and other more conventional advertising assets are all a part of programmatic advertising. However, choosing a location with the best ROI is an automated procedure.

In contrast, native advertising focuses more on the long term and overall picture when it comes to branding and positioning your company as a thought leader in your sector, the one potential customers should consider and turn to when necessary. In comparison to a typical advertisement, it is more likely to increase traffic and engagement. This is a longer-term strategy that can produce a sizable ROI over time.

What you decide depends entirely on your objectives and what you want to accomplish with any specific marketing campaign.

Effects of ad blocking

In part as a response to the rising use of ad-blockers in browsers, native advertising emerged as an alternative advertising strategy. What use is an advertisement if it cannot be viewed?

Native advertising is unaffected by ad blockers because of its editorial strategy. It aims to combat ad fatigue since there might be a lot of advertising noise across all platforms and the user is not disturbed by native adverts.


Depending on the scale of your campaign and the real-time automation of ad placement for the optimum ROI, programmatic advertising can have a very wide reach.

Even while native advertising claims greater engagement rates, it’s still feasible that the more engaged audience you reach through native advertising is smaller than the audience you may reach through programmatic.

Programmatic and Native Advertising Similarities

Both programmatic and native advertising offer sophisticated capabilities for audience targeting.

While any business owner can assert that every marketing effort should target “everyone,” that is not the case in practise. A personalised message will be more effective. In other words, you’ll be less successful if your message (and audience) are too wide.

Contrarily, tailoring your perspective and message to a particular demographic depending on any number of variables (age, gender, wealth, hobbies, etc.) has a greater chance of engaging with the people you truly want to convert into clients for your business.

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