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How To Promote Your Fashion Store Online

Optimized Marketing proposes the following Digital Marketing Strategy for online fashion stores.

Brand launch:

  • Drive new customers to the website from the social media.
  • Capture website visitor details on CRM system such as Active Campaign
  • Use Google Ads Remarketing to target your own and competitors website visitors
  • Use Google Search to bid on your own brand.

Product launch:

  • Add all products to Facebook Commerce.
  • Drive new customers to the website from the social media using custom campaign audiences.
  • Capture segmented website visitor details on your CRM system.
  • Add a Google Merchant Account for your business.
  • Use Google Ads Remarketing to target your website visitors – by product and product category – and competitors website visitors.
  • Use Google Shopping Campaigns so that your brand appears along with other big and small competitors.

CRM and Marketing Automation

Use precise targeting to find the right prospects and grow your audience. Active Campaign offers an entry level solution with the following features:

  • Flexible Contact Forms including dates, interests and telephone numbers.
  • Customisable, Segmented Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • Integration with WooCommerce for Abandoned Carts, Upselling and Discounts
  • Automated Email Marketing with Segmentation
  • Messaging & Text (SMS) Marketing
  • Dynamic Content Provision for Web Personalization
  • Conversational Messaging with Live chat, automated chatbot workflows in a unified inbox

Google Ads Marketing

Google Ads Shopping, Display, Search, and Video ads work best for fashion and apparel brands.

Bid on your own brand keywords and phrases as they are cheap to bid on. Branded searches signify high customer intent to do business with you and achieve a better Quality Score and Cost Per Click.

Bid on Competitors keywords to share their traffic.

Working on both PPC and SEO for roughly the same set of keywords ensures consistent ranking and better visibility in both the strategies.

Google Shopping Campaigns

Google Shopping Campaigns display multiple brands in the same long window so shoppers can compare the products. Google Shopping Campaigns are clicked on more often than other ad types and have a higher conversion rate.

This will allow your brand to be competitive within Google Search Campaigns as your clothing product would appear along with other big and small competitors.

Advantages of Google Shopping Ads:

  • Shopping ads include photos of your products which lead to a higher click through rate.
  • Shopping ads are targeted by product data and customer intent, not by keywords.

Use the Product Rating Extension to show the average of reviews and ratings across the web under your products with this extension. These ratings appear in the form of stars under the products.

Use the Google Merchant Promotions to offer a clickable “Special Offers” button that leads to an on-SERP pop-up that displays your special offer and, if interested, the shopper will click and avail the promotion offer right away.

Google Remarketing Campaigns

Remarketing is the marketing of the same product to someone who has shown interest in it already either by visiting it or has taken some action.

The remarketing ads are high converting, and less costly, as they are meant for a relatively more qualified audience.

The average CTR for display network is only 0.35%, compared to 1.91% for search ads. This means you get a lot of free impressions.

Use a combination of search ads and remarketing display ads:

  • Search ads create brand awareness and bring people to your website or landing pages.
  • Customers see your products and leave because they are not ready to buy yet.
  • Remarketing ads follow your customers wherever they go online.

It is important never to run a Display and Search campaign at the same time.


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