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We Know Why Your Website Does Not Appear On The First Page Of Google Search

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Why Are Your Potential Clients Not Finding Your Website?

Your Website Is Not Indexed

This could be because your site is new, it has “no index” flags or has an incorrectly setup robots.txt file

Content Marketing

Your Website Has A Penalty

This could be because your website has been Deindexed, Penalized or Sandboxed by Google

Not Optimized For Search

Search engines consider hundreds of factors when rankings sites. Use SEO to boost your rankings 

Poor Website Content

Search engines like Google want to rank sites that provide quality content that matches a searcher’s intent and satisfies their queries.

Mobile Friendly website

Not Optimized For Mobile

No one wants to be squinting their way through cut-off displays on their phones, or images that never seem to load.

Keywords Are Too Competitive

Trying to rank for highly-competitive results, especially when competing with bigger brands, can sometimes leave your business way behind

Poor Communication

Bad User Experience (UX)

Improving UX on your site can reduce bounce rates, engage visitors, and help them learn more about your business, while helping you rank higher

User Experience

Not Many Inbound Links

Inbound links — or links from another site to yours — are huge; they show Google that you are relevant and an authority on a certain subject.

How Will Get More Visitors To Your Website?

Fix Existing Issues

A complete website SEO audit will uncover the technical issues that are stopping you achieving good SEO results

Cornerstone Content

Create detailed SEO pages for your products and services that are good for Google and humans to understand

Create Fresh Content

Google wants up to date content to provide the best results for online search. We create new pages and update existing ones

Build Incoming Links

Building incoming links to your website is nt easy. Building the right links is even more difficult but we know how

Our Search Engine Optimisation Process

  • Research, including business research, competitor analysis, current state assessment, and keyword searching
  • Planning and strategy, including decisions on how to handle content, build links to the website, manage social media presence and technical implementation strategies
  • Implementation, where optimization decisions on a site’s webpages and the website as a whole are executed
  • Monitoring, where the activity of web spiders, traffic, search engine rankings, and other metrics are observed for producing reports on which assessment will be performed
  • Assessment, involving checking the summarized effects of the strategy
  • Maintenance, where both minor or major problems with the website’s operation are handled as they arise
Процес на SEO оптимизация

How Much Do We Charge?

Each Search Engine Optimisation Project that we undertake is different so there are no fixed prices. Our intial SEO audit will will indicate the level of the work required dependant upon the technolgy and number of pages to optimise.

However, we are committed to building a quality end to end solution and we will not attempt to start a project that we do not believe can be successful.

We do not work on long-term contracts so you will have no long-term commitment or risk.

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Having SEO in place can help you increase your website visitors  by astronomical numbers — if done right.

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