Recruitment Firm Google Ads

Recruitment Comany Google Ads Bulgaria

Project Task/Challenge

Top Skills are a relatively new recruitment company in Sofia Bulgaria. They recruit for businesses within Bulgaria and the European Union.

They recently had a new website designed but it did not contain much content and did not rank on Google Search.

Top Skills recruited Optimized Marketing to perform the SEO for the website while driving traffic via Google Ads until the SEO took effect. (The SEO is still in progress).


The recruitment industry has two targets:

  • Employers looking for staff
  • Employees looking for a new position

Optimized created a campaign for both Employers and Employees:

  • The Employers campaign only ran during business hours and target companies who wished to hire in Bulgaria and Germany
  • The Employees campaign ran during the evenings and weekends and was only focused on Bulgaria.

There was a lot more demand from Employees than Employers as this campaign was running during the Covid-19 Pandemic, so care had to be taken in the types of positions and locations of positions so as not to exhaust the budget.

As the Covid-19 situation worsened the campaign concentrated on employers who were still looking to hire staff, especially in the Call Centre and IT industries