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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not your expertise. Running your business is. You probably have heard of the term SEO but have little idea of how it works and how it relates to Google Ads. We have put together a guide that will help you decide if you really need a SEO agency in Bulgaria and, if so, how to choose the correct one.

Do you even need to hire an SEO agency in Bulgaria at all?

Some agencies make people believe that they desperately need them, while the company can perform some of the activities in-house or simply search for a freelancer.

You should only hire an agency for a project that’s worth outsourcing.

Are they being honest with the solution?

Often agencies will comply with your requirements while knowing that they are unlikely to work in practice.

Explain exactly what you want to achieve and let the agency tell you how they are going to do it.

Do they offer all the services that you need?

SEO involves a lot of work, and it’s always better to dedicate the entire process to a single professional team.

If you outsource your search optimization tasks to multiple parties – their work might overlap, and you can end up with inconsistent results.  Not to mention that you are likely spend more time and money.

So, find one agency that can perform all the SEO services.

Does their reputation match their promises?

Having positive reviews is good, but what about case studies?

Look on their website for case studies that discuss the process and report on the results

Do they use “white hat” methods?

The last thing you want is to find yourself searching for ways to recover from the Google penalty.

If the agency uses black hat SEO strategies, stay away from it.

Do they know what they’re talking about?

If an agency makes bold claims about how good they are, there should be a way to take some of their knowledge.

Check if the company can demonstrate their expertise by showing examples of their SEO working in practice.

Does customer support live up to high standards?

Besides regular support via email, it’s nice to know the name and contact details of someone who’s managing your project.

Therefore, agencies with quick and proactive customer support will usually offer:

  • Skype/Zoom calls if requested
  • Phone number/ WhatsApp
  • Live chat on their website

Does this SEO agency provide explicit, measurable guarantees?

No specialist or company has a secret recipe that will work for all kinds of websites, niches, and scenarios.

That’s why the most reliable agencies offer a free analysis beforehand to approximate the achievable results. This analysis usually goes by the following names:

  • Strategy proposal
  • SEO audit
  • Free quote
  • Free plan

What’s the cost of leaving the contract early?

You’ve likely signed a contract that mentions all the deliverables, as well as the consequences of quitting in the middle of the project.

There are at least 3 possible scenarios:

  • The work that has already been performed will be kept, and you’ll get a partial refund/ compensation for the work that hasn’t been started yet
  • The work that has already been performed will be kept, but you won’t get any compensation for quitting the project
  • There is no option to get a refund, and the project will be carried on until the end

Option 1 is the most client-friendly one.

How does their budgeting work?

Do they charge a monthly fee? A fixed fee for the entire project? An hourly rate?

However, you should be more interested in how their pricing system works from the inside.

Agencies usually offer pre-made packages (with a certain number of links, articles, etc.) or tailor their prices specifically to each project.

If the latter is the case, you should ask an agency how this price was calculated and what benchmarks have been used (number of hours, activities, or amount of effort).

Where are they based?

You don’t have to search for an agency located in your neighbourhood or even your country.

Moreover, a partner company should have an international scope or experience in your market (performing SEO for Yandex in Russia is very much different from optimizing for Google in the US)

SEO Agency in Bulgaria

Finding an SEO agency in Bulgaria that suits you perfectly is not something that can be done in 5 minutes.

Don’t rush and search for quick solutions. Instead, dedicate your time and do proper research before making any significant investments.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions on whether we can provide your SEO services in Bulgaria.

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