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Website Visitor Tracking Bulgaria

Website Visitor Tracking Bulgaria

The term website visitor tracking Bulgaria can mean several different things:

  • It can mean tracking visitor behaviour on the site: Where people click, how long they spend on certain pages, and how that behaviour differs by user type, demographic, referring source, and other user attributes. A good example is Crazy Egg
  • It can mean understanding visitor identity: Most tools cannot identify individuals, but they can identify companies, regions, and other vital information about website visitors that helps B2B companies’ market better to their prospects.
  • It can mean measuring website analytics: This includes traditional website analytics tools and more advanced ones such as Google Analytics

Understanding Visitor Identity

When you want to understand who your website visitors are.

For B2B companies, figuring out who is visiting your website is just as important as knowing how they behave on your site. Website visitor tracking tools help marketers and salespeople alike identify the companies that are visiting their website (usually by IP address) and get access to key visitor information. Plus, they help you tie behaviour (such as pages visited, number of visits and page views, and time spent) to each company. A website visitor tracking took will:

  • Ascertain what size of company is most interested in your product to plan your Sales and revenue targets
  • Show which company is showing the most interest and who should be at the top of your priority list
  • Pinpoint which pages are engaging your prospects the most
  • Identify what are your hottest products or services
  • Discover your key purchasing indicators and tailor your sales message
  • Keep track of the activity from the companies you are most interested in

Modifying Your Website

Understanding your website visitor identity will help you make decisions on what is working or not or your website. You can:

  • Identify where your prospects are losing interest to make changes and increase website conversion rates
  • See what content is the most engaging to your audience and measure which campaigns and search terms are driving traffic to your website most effectively
  • See the busy days and times when you are getting the most traffic
  • Understand where your Leads are coming from and where to target your lead generation activity and allocate your sales team resource

How To Conduct Website Visitor Tracking Bulgaria?

You obviously need software to be able to track where your website visitors are coming from.

Optimized have partnered with several of the leading website visitor tracking companies in the world to help you identify who is visiting your website and give you the change to follow up with those that are most important to you.

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