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In native advertising, the adverts mimic the appearance, feel, and functionality of the media format in which they are displayed. They blend in and look “natural” on the website. Native advertisements in Bulgaria don’t truly appear like ads, unlike banner or display ads, so they don’t interfere with how users interact with the page. The key to defining native advertising is that it exposes the reader to promotional content without being overtly obvious.

Traditional banner advertising does not perform as well as native ads which are typically better received due to their design, making them more successful in reaching marketing goals.

Native advertising can boost a company’s internet presence, bring in more leads, increase sales, or just increase consumer loyalty.

Native Ads Examples

Native advertising in Bulgaria is sometimes served as suggested reading on websites, showing up beneath or next to the piece you just read. On social networks like Facebook or Twitter, they also show up as “in feed” advertisements that are a part of your news stream. Search and sponsored listings that show up at the top of your Google search results or in the sidebar are another format in which native adverts can be found.

“In Feed” Ads

Are advertisements that show up in your social network news feed (e.g., Facebook or Twitter feed)

Promoted Listings and Search

Are advertisements that show up in the sidebar or at the top of your Google search results

Content Recommendations

Are articles that are suggested to read after the one you just read.

Trust Professionals with Your Native Advertising Campaigns in Bulgaria

We’ll set up native ad campaigns in Bulgaria to assist you reach your potential clients after you tell us about your business’s goals.

  1. We’ll create and walk you through a roadmap outlining how we’ll get your campaigns performing well.
  2. With clearly stated goals, we’ll be able to assess the success of the campaign as we work toward a larger aim.
  3. We’ll first determine your target audience so that we can deliver campaign content to the most pertinent people. We will be able to develop campaigns that resonate with your prospects if we are aware of their demographics, interests, and buying process.
  4. As a first step, we always choose the native ad platform that best fits our needs and advances the objectives of your campaign.
  5. We establish tracking and KPIs before commencing a campaign to gauge its efficacy.
  6. After your advertising campaigns go live, we’ll keep an eye on them to gauge their success.
  7. Based on the key performance indicators, we’ll fine-tune your campaigns and identify the most economical means of achieving your company objectives.

We run native ads on Taboola, Content Exchange, and other native advertising networks.

Without a lot of experience, it could take months of testing before your native ad campaigns start paying off. We can quickly get your digital marketing campaigns to high performance thanks to our experience.

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