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Do You Need To Improve Your Digital Marketing?

Your digital marketing needs to work seamlessly from end-to-end, delivering the appropriate message and improving sales.

Digital marketing involves many components such as Paid Ads, SEO, Web Design, Conversion Optimisation and Social Media. We can help you with all of these but can multiply the benefits by:

Optimized will identify and implement the best platforms to enable you to manage your digital marketing from one place
Are you happy with your number of website visitors?
Do you know where your visitors are coming from?
Are you happy with your lead & sales conversions?
Do you use marketing automation or AI?
Do you have fully integrated digital marketing?
Do you think that you need a digital marketing review?

Benefits of Integrated, Automated Personalised Digital Marketing

Whether your company is small, medium, or large you need to take advantage of automated, integrated digital marketing to stand out from your competition and generate leads and sales.

By integrating your digital platforms, you can deliver a personalised message to all your customers from one place.

Integrated, Automated, Digital Marketing needs a well-structured and well-defined marketing plan.

Your integrated, automated digital marketing should include:

  • Paid advertising such as Google Ads
  • Organic search/SEO
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Online Chat
  • Mobile messaging
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Content marketing

Benefits of Integrated, Automated Digital Marketing

Brand Awareness

When marketers integrate the means of communication, they can easily build brand awareness because your company will be everywhere on the internet, available for customers to start a conversation.

Return on Investment (ROI)

It is clear to understand that managing all your digital marketing in one place with an automated system is going to be much better than using a diverse, manual solution.

This will result in more sales and providing a fast payback on your integrated, automated digital marketing.

Tailored Communication

You must be efficient and cohesive with your content, advertising, and social media messaging.

This means delivering the right message to each individual customer.

Some of our Services

Advanced Email Marketing

Marketing Automation leads to higher open rates, click-through rates and conversions.

However, what brings the most value to the Marketing departments that use SALES manago in Bulgaria is being able to combine email marketing with data from the analysis of the behavior of their leads allowing campaigns email marketing with better results.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marrketing

Use the customer’s mobile device to deliver your 1-to-1 offers anywhere they are with SMS, push and messaging apps. Integrate MobileApp Marketing Automation to track app usage, build dynamic behavioural segments and send truly omnichannel campaigns.

Use one of the first Mobile Marketing Automation solutions in the world to build perfect cross device experience for your customers.

Web Push

Web Push

Engage your contacts anytime they are on-line and gain 50% higher reach than your emails. Send campaigns with dynamic content without visitors’ contact data.

Use web push notifications to deliver precisely targeted offers, personalized and triggered with specific users’ actions. Make your notifications attractive and efficient.

Content Creation

Without quality content your website will never get to the top of Google Search results

We will create content that will appeal to Google Search algorithms, educate your visitor on your product and services and build quiality incoming links from other websites in your niche

Live Chat

Live Chat

Help your visitors find answers to their questions having better insight on what they were doing on the website. Get their contact data. Do not waste time on the same questions – create bot which will take care of them.

Provide your live chat consultants with useful information on interlocutor`s profile and preferences. Improve your customer service and sales thanks to live chat automations.

Website Personalization

Website Personalisation

Make your website visitors feel at home with real-time personalization lowering the bounce rate. Replace general offers with ones tailored ideally for them.

Use the data about your visitors’ preferences and profiles to help them find what they came for. Adjust your website to each individual contact in real-time.

Google Ads Integration

Google Ads

Integrate with Google Ads platforms to use the behavioural and transactional data of your clients, stored in their 360º profiles, to create and manage groups of ad recipients.

Integration With Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads Integration

With an easy Facebook Ads integration, you can create in SALESmanago custom audiences with contacts that you store in your database and set ad campaign directly for them.

Social Media Posting

Social Media Posting

You can easily integrate Facebook and Twitter accounts with SALESmanago and plan posting for up to a month in advance and analyse the contact interaction on Facebook

SALESmanago Management Services

85% of business who engage in the SALESmanago Proof of Concept programme, for their selected services, choose to use SALESmanago as the AI based Digital Marketing Automation service.

During the Proof of Concept trial period your business will receive unrivaled support from Optimized Marketing and SALESmanago without having to invest a cent.

If you choose to adopt SALESmanago as your fully integrated Marketing Automation system you will continue to recieve quality support throughout your lifetime contract (which does not include any transaction fees like many of the similar services).

However, if you do not have the in-house resources to take advantages of the SALESmanago services, then Optimized can provide you will SALESmanago Management Services at a very affordable price to ensure that you get thee most out of the service.

Some Testimonails From Happy SALESmanago Users

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